I'm an Android developer mostly, in the course of two years I've made many small apps, but here are the most important ones



TextValet is an intelligent text expander that let's you set custom shortcut phrases, for example transforming "omw" to "on my way" but this doesn't even scratch the surface. It can bring up phone numbers quickly and paste in the conversation with a simple command @@Name. Also it can act like a unit convertor on the fly. Everything happens in the app your in, no need to exit.


You can download it right here



BreakList is another one of my creations. This one has an interesting story behind. I got inspired to make it from an article I saw on LifeHacker about how you could live a more efficient life if you make a list for tasks and a list for breaks. I loved the concept so much that I made a real app for it.


You can download it right here



MesterApp is a work in progress at the moment, it's main idea is that it can bring your local handymen to you really quick and easy. I concentrated a lot on design and ease of use when creating this one. Also on a more technical note, it's the first app I've made that uses google's new Firebase solution.